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"Our mission is
to give the best service
to support the customer's
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Our large fleets is equipped with GPS to monitor and track each single vehicle in the fleet with accuracy and fast actions, and 24 hours shift monitoring assigns in controlling room.

The Track and Trace capabilities are enabling us to use the latest status of the trucks, travelling time, deviation of roadmap, including the estimated time of arrival.
Also to provide reports pull out from the system: customized to customer’s requirement.


To support readiness of our trucks, we have workshop for each branches with varied capabilities.
The workshop handles a wide range of maintenance and servicing functions. The workshop is operate 24 hours and fully equipped with all the tools and welding equipment needed to perform minor repairs on all types of vehicles.
We also have yearly preventative maintenance programs, and replacement schedule. All our work is carried out by experienced qualified mechanics.


Information technology applications and network systems is developed and maintained by in-house team to ensured that operational, accounting and GPS system are reliably handled from Head Office.