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"Our mission is
to give the best service
to support the customer's
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Inland Transportation

currently owns and operates more than 200 trucks nationwide to fulfill your objective delivery, with tonnage or per trip base charging scheme from Nangro Aceh Darussalam – Sumatra - Java - Bali - Lombok. This service also provides dedicated vehicles with different charging scheme and period contract bind.


Through-out our networks,  commit s to guarantee lead time, on time returned delivery order, and under contract based a daily report is provided for your convenience to monitor status of your delivery from GPS equipped trucks.



operates various types of trucks, consist of :

  • CDD trucks up to 5 ton capacity
  • Engkle trucks up to 10 ton capacity
  • Tronton Trucks 12 ton capacity
  • Tronton Wing box 20 ton capacity
  • Trailers 20’ and 40’ feet container